Saturday, January 16, 2010

I am officially a blogger!

Oh hello there loyal readers!
(and by “loyal readers,” I mean the family members who are obligated to read this blog, at least the first few times, and if I happen to put this link on facebook, the people who are so bored at work they have resorted to clicking on my blog for entertainment)

I’ve been talking about starting a food blog for a couple of years now, and finally my husband convinced me to make this my 2010 New Year's Resolution. There is a good chance that if this blog goes anything like previous hobbies/dreams ---tennis, dancing, flute playing, acting, gardening (yes, gardening)— I may lose interest within a few weeks. For that, I apologize in advance.

I don’t know how to describe my cooking style.Both of my parents are from Spain, so of course, I love Spanish cuisine----I’ll take a plate of paella over an all-American hamburger any day. I grew up in the South, so when entertaining, I tend to be drawn to recipes that include butter, cheese, and bacon. And of course, to balance out the butter, bacon,and chorizo, I try my best to throw some healthy recipes into the mix.

I will use this blog as an excuse to leave my cooking comfort zone, experiment with different techniques, and most importantly, share my love of cooking with all of you!

According to my mother, “all you have to do to be a good cook is to love it.”


  1. Butter, cheese, and bacon? Sign me up!!!!

  2. hahaha...Robb! You are my 4th follower! LOVE IT! I will probably include some brunch recipes in the coming weeks, so bacon, cheese, and butter will soon be making their debut! :-)

  3. you are SO julie and julia ;-)

  4. hahaha...I actually haven't seen that movie yet!! I want to rent it this weekend! :-)


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